Rosaleen Kelly BSc (Hons), PG Cert, PG Dip
Clinical Hypnotherapist

A little bit about hypnosis: 
Hypnosis is a form of focussed attention in a relaxed state during which the unconscious mind is much more receptive to positive suggestions. It is a completely natural state that we all experience frequently, like the feeling you get when you first wake in the morning and you are not quite awake but no longer asleep. Although clients are completely aware and in control at all times during hypnosis, it can be a very relaxing experience.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping individuals to make positive, quality-enhancing changes to their lives, to take more control and to live their lives the way they want to. It can improve self-confidence, reduce stress and anxiety and can also help with health conditions such as IBS and pain control.

A little bit about Rosaleen:
Rosaleen studied clinical hypnotherapy at the well renowned Harvest Clinic of Hypnotherapy in Glasgow where she completed a Certificate in Personal and Professional Development in Clinical Hypnosis then went on to complete a Post-graduate Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, accredited by the University of West London. She is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Associate member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. 

Rosaleen can provide hypnotherapy to help with confidence, stress/anxiety, exam nerves, performance anxiety, IBS, pain control, weight control, phobias, panic attacks, smoking cessation, and unwanted habits, ie, nail biting, teeth grinding, etc. One-to-one sessions are available, but Rosaleen can also provide guided relaxation sessions for small groups, ie, in the workplace.

From £45 depending on the service provided..

Rosaleen consults from the Embody Holistic Clinic, 19 Greenhead Street. Glasgow G40 1ES and Butterbiggins Medical Centre, 134 Butterbiggins Road, Glasgow G42 7AF . Consultations are available on weekday evenings, Friday afternoons and at the weekend.

Contact details:
To discuss further or book, please email: rosaleen.kelly1234@gmail.com
or telephone 07848938886.

Photograph of Clinical Hypnotherapist Rosaleen Kelly