The increase in acceptance by the public, GP's and the NHS of complementary therapies and hypnotherapy in particular has led to a huge increase in the number of people offering to provide training. The quality of this training varies enormously so it is the mission of the BSCH to ensure a high standard of training and ethical practice for its pracitioners.

When looking for a hypnotherapist to help you with a particular problem there are a number of things you are advised to look out for:

    * Where was their training?

    * Did they pass an independent examination?

    * Does their training have academic credibility?

    * Is there a system of on-going training or CPD?

    * Is there a system of supervision?

    * Do they have professional indemnity insurance?

    * Do they abide by a written code of ethics?

    * Are they subject to a formal complaints procedure?

    * Are they members of a nationally recognised professional body?

    * Can you call that body with a query or complaint?

All members of the BSCH have good quality training. We set a high standard for hypnotherapy practitioners in the UK.

 You will find various types of membership within the online database as outlined below - all are qualified to at least a good level of competence.

  • Full Member - qualified Hypnotherapist, with a pass at at least Diploma / PG Cert level from a recognised training college and additional accredited specialist training (such as a pass at Practitioner or Cognitive Behavioural level).
  • Diplomate - as Full member but with an accepted paper on a relevant clinical topic.
  • Fellow - Full or Diplomate member upgraded from within the society for special service or achievement.